Discovery Of A New Cancer Killing Chemical


A team of chemists working on a research project at a Russian University, have discovered a new method of producing organic structures in a single unit, hence getting rid of chemical methods that could be time-consuming, waste government money and are finally inefficient. The final products from these experiments have shown to be very successful against cancer causing cells and even the drug-resistant bodies that are hard to ordinary medicine. Methods of preparation of the new medicinal substance, have been printed at a leading Chemistry forum which deals with achievements in the field of natural sciences and medicine. This is the main forum that prints research addressing biological questions at the smallest level of matter.

The production of many important natural

The production of many important natural atoms is a step of many reactions, in-order to achieve the end product. For every step, a single chemical substance is formed and the formed product is then processed and used in the next step. These experiments are normally a series of steps that happen continuously in a single can with no extra chemicals added. In these operations, there is no need of removing the middle products and the reaction conditions do not change for the continuous steps and no new chemicals are added after the first step.

Discovery Of A New Cancer Killing Chemical

The group of scientists proposed using three chemicals; an organic acid, a nitrile and an ammonium complex to quicken the experiment since it is cheap and environmentally friendly. At first, two compounds were mixed with water and the alcohol, they were then heated in an oven at a medium temperature for twenty minutes. The researchers then used an organic acid with special substitutes and because of this, nineteen new compounds were formed which are related to ammonia.

To demonstrate the health capability of the newly prepared organic compound, the researchers studied its effect on cancerous human parts. For comparison purposes a cancer destroyer chemical which is used worldwide and is proven to kill cancerous cells was picked. The team chose to study the breast, colon and ovary human parts. All the new substances proved to be harmful for the cancer cells including the more resistant strains. Finally, the team of researchers selected two products that proved to be very efficient even at low concentrations, they then conducted computer studies on the achieved results. From the computer studies they concluded that the main reason for their high efficiency was due to the new ammonia group that attacks the cancer causing body parts.

According to the main scientist at the University who recognized the success of their life-saving experiment on having to search for new compounds with new medicinal properties and worked out the ways of preparing them easily. Their method of operation allowed them to prepare cancer-fighting substances using a simple chain of reactions that is highly efficient. In this simple reaction four new bonds are created within a single operation. They succeeded this by working with Italian researchers on the same research project. The funding for the research was provided by the science department of the government of Russia.

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