The Purpose of Chemistry

The Purpose of Chemistry

Chemistry is important in helping you maintain good health by guiding you on what foods are beneficial for your body. You have to understand chemistry for you to know what drugs, vitamins and supplements can help you remain healthy or harm your body. Drugs are made of chemicals which makes chemistry important in treating diseases. Doctors have to have knowledge of chemistry for them to know what drugs will treat your disease.

Drugs are made up of chemical components so knowledge of chemistry helps a person find the right chemicals that can treat a certain disease. The chemical nature of drugs helps doctors know how the drugs will interact with a patient’s body, helping them guide patients on how they should be taken. Without chemistry, diseases could be deadly to human beings, but it has helped counter such diseases. Chemistry has also been applied in coming up with vaccines that prevent people from infections.

With Chemistry, industries can convert raw

It is applied in detergents and soaps which are important in maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Without chemistry, it would be challenging to wash, bath or clean anything. Soaps are manufactured by ensuring that the chemicals mixed can effectively be used for cleaning. You use chemistry to determine if a cleaner can effectively clean your dishes or do laundry. Chemistry is also used in disinfectants that help in killing germs that are dangerous to your health.

With Chemistry, industries can convert raw materials into useful products that can be used for useful purposes. You will subject the raw materials to several chemical processes which ensures production of a high-quality product. A product can be improved and developed into a new, better material. Chemistry is used in the making of building materials which determine how strong a building will be. It can be applied in preventing buildings from leaking or used to make different components of a building. This has helped in construction enabling the building of houses that can last for long. Buildings can be decorated because of chemistry like using tiles to give a room a shining, resilient floor.

The Purpose of Chemistry

Environmental issues can be solved by using chemistry to produce products that are harmless to the surrounding. The chemical composition of a material will determine whether it can harm the environment or not. Since chemistry is responsible for the pollution of the environment, it can be used to protect the environment. The interaction of pollutants with the environment are chemical reactions making Chemistry useful in keeping the environment safe and free from pollution. Transport is possible because of chemistry as it is used in the manufacture of fuels. Chemistry guides the process in which crude oil is used to extract fuel that is used in transportation.

Cooking is possible when chemistry is applied as food is a mixture of various chemicals. Chemistry is applied from the production of the food to cooking and the impact the food will have on your body. Fertilizers and crop-protection chemicals like insecticides used on a farm are as a result of chemistry. Some foods have to be processed for them to be consumed. Chemistry makes it possible for raw food to be cooked into food that can be consumed.

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