What Is The Link Between Biology And Chemistry

What Is The Link Between Biology And Chemistry

Science is closely related to each other, almost every subject make use of calculations to explain certain models. That’s why a student must be good in maths since it cuts across all the subjects you have to study as a science student. In most cases, students shy away because they usually have problems with calculations. But, no matter how you try to escape from this, you’ll always meet calculations in every field. Chemistry and Biology are related because they make use of empirical testing.

A common feature with both is

A common feature with both is that they rely on facts after a series of analyses have been done. For example, as a doctor, you’ll be required to have a good mastery of Biology to understand the human anatomy while Chemistry will help you to know how to apply alternative solutions when handling cases related to the body. Biology can help you understand how certain organs function like the heart, the lungs, liver, and other organs. Chemistry is most used to ensure detailed analysis while providing measures that can help treat severe ailments. Laboratory experts also rely on chemistry to provide doctors with results after samples have been analyzed. Although they are both similar, they still have their uniqueness making them to depend on each other.

No matter how good you are

No matter how good you are in Biology, it will be difficult to function without good knowledge in chemistry and other related fields. Some analysts have said that Biology can work well when Chemistry is involved and without Physics, Chemistry will be a handicap. That’s why it is said the above subjects all have some connection with each other in different ways. Usually, the Biological processes depend on the interaction atoms, molecules with several others that help to make up living tissues. Most scientists believed that every activity that sustains life can only take place because of the chemical properties. This includes atoms, molecules with different compounds all involved in the process of creating and sustaining life.

What Is The Link Between Biology And Chemistry

It is proven that the structure most living organisms begins with atoms making molecules. You also have a situation where the molecules grow to form organelles. The organelles give rise to cells which later form tissues the process continues almost unending to the point where plants and animals are formed from the cell replication.

Most of the basic principles that work in Biology can still take place in Chemistry for instance; Biological systems have some properties which exist in Chemistry. These include growth, reproduction, the conversion of energy. In chemistry, students are usually required to explain the results obtained after an experiment is done. Theses to be taken will usually start with an observation of the specimen, the tools used may differ but, both subjects will always employ the same approach when an experiment is involved.

Chemistry involves analyzing solubles which can be turned into liquids while biology usually involves studying insoluble substances which consist of living organisms like plants and animals. A common feature with the two subjects is that, in the university, students can take courses linked to both. One of these courses is known as Biochemistry it is meant to portray the link between them. Different aspects of Biology require an expert who is versed in Chemist to provide a detailed explanation. This area may involve issues concerned with blood samples which can be analyzed by a Chemist before a doctor can administer any kind of treatment. As a Chemist, you can serve in hospital in Both capacity since they study an aspect of Biology.

That’s why a good student in Biochemistry can work either any field that is related to either of them. Chemistry is concerned with analyzing tissues with body fluids, the results obtained can help in the treatment and application of the required medication. It provides an in-depth analysis to determine the root course of a problem while biology ensures the problem identified or diagnosed is well-treated. That’s why in every medical center, without a Chemist, it will be difficult for doctors to administer treatment. As a doctor, you will have to depend on lab scientists to enhance your analyses and to provide the right treatment. Chemistry is a key area that is vital in science, and it helps to provide detailed analysis to experts especially doctors with health practitioners.

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